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Infographic: China’s “Internet Plus” Visualized

Jing Gao

A recent survey conducted by the Beijing Bureau of Statistics shows that more than 74.9% of the city’s residents are satisfied with how the Chinese government’s “Internet Plus” initiative has impacted society. The survey reveals changed consumer behavior, efficiency of public services, new opportunities for Internet-based innovation and businesses, and improved overall quality of life as major contributing factors for the findings..

“Internet Plus” was a concept promoted by Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, at the Government working report in March, in an effort to revolutionize the traditional industrial sectors and boost the national economy. More specifically, China plans to integrate mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things into every aspect of life, to both help its people to live better lives and help its companies to thrive.

Although the complete survey results have not been published, a news report by China News has summarised some important findings. AllChinaTech has charted these findings offering you a quick look into the Chinese way of life in the Internet era.

Note: only the top three answers to each question are listed.







(Graphics produced by Jing Gao for

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