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Confirmed: Xiaomi Laptop to be released next year

Rhea Liu

Xiaomi will introduce its laptop next year, said Richard Lee, CEO of Taiwan-based manufacturer Inventec, in an interview with DigiTimes of Taiwan.

Inventec manufactures Xiaomi’s mobile phones and is also one of Xiaomi’s earliest partners. According to the interview, Inventec is not only in charge of the assembly but also the design of Xiaomi’s first ever laptop.

“We’re going to ship Xiaomi’s laptop in the first or second quarter of next year,” said Lee.

He expects the Xiaomi laptop will make certain breakthroughs in the laptop market, but he hasn’t confirmed whether Xiaomi will adopt “hunger sales” or other strategies to sell its new product.

Xiaomi received an income of RMB 74.3 billion (USD 11.5 billion) in 2014. With a valuation of USD 46 billion, Xiaomi is under pressure to maintain its performance to satisfy investors. A new laptop line may increase the possibility of Xiaomi further boosting its performance for 2016, after seeing initial success in smartphones and fitness bands.

(Photo is from Tencent Tech)

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