Baidu’s Hiring freeze gives Weibo users cold feet

Mochou Lee

Chinese search giant Baidu‘s announcement of a large scale hiring freeze has sparked wide discussion online. Baidu executives have tried to pin it on Baidu having too many staff, having more than 50,000 employees. Despite the company claiming campus recruitment will continue, many Weibo users are concerned with young graduates fearing the Chinese economy and China’s BAT companies will have less jobs for them.

AllChinaTech presents a selection of commentary from Weibo about the hiring freeze.


@ Three Shan. Robin Li once called on Baidu’s employees to be more wolf-like implying Baidu’s internal problems stemmed from a lack of business breakthroughs and working efficiency. What’s more, considering the imbalance between staff-recruitment and profit-making, it’s reasonable for them to suspend social recruitment.


@ Xiguaxiaoxia. We are told that it’s the time of “Internet Plus”. Thus, internet and traditional industries can be integrated to further fuel China’s economic growth. I wonder why these internet companies can’t fly high with the favorable wind blowing from behind. WHY? It’s easy to get a bachelor’s degree but hard to find a satisfying job, so we have to accumulate more knowledge and experience!


@ Xuetu DJM. The GDP in the third quarter has dropped to 6.9% with the pressure of economic downturn still expanding. The employment situation is grimmer than before since the Internet giants “BAT” has scaled back their recruitment. Sad…


@ Luoyan Rachel. Now, it’s time for government to take action.


@ shuifu 11. Less jobs…Since Chinese GDP has dropped below 7% and the unemployment rate has increased, we’d better not invest in the stock market or financial products now. Chinese government will cut the interest rate, lower tax and issue national debt to overcome the pressure of economic downturn. Meanwhile it will continue to support the development of innovative industry to boost economic growth. However, Chinese development will face severe challenges during this transitional period.

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