Shoppers: What you should not miss from Alibaba’s Double 11 shopping festival!

Longxin Zhang

By Longxin Zhang.

When China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba held its Double 11 shopping festival or Single’s Day celebration on November 11 last year Chinese consumers set a record, purchasing goods valued at up to RMB 57.1 billion ( USD nine billion). This year, Tmall launched its overseas vision to invite foreigners to buy Chinese products at vastly discounted prices and join in on the shopping carnival.

Hearing news of Alibaba’s formidable feats retail merchants around the world have begun attempting to mimic the success that begun with Alibaba. The Double 11 shopping day has inspired companies based in South Korea, Japan and America all to launch similar shopping sales.

AllChinaTech has handpicked a list of the most popular websites and sales festivals modeled after Alibaba’s Double 11 shopping festival and based outside of China.



South Korea’s “Singles Day”

Lotte, a famous South Korean brand has established its own “South Korean Singles Day” sales festival which takes place between Nov. 10-12 for 2015. Lotte will provide discounts between 30% to 70% to customers. (Need photo and web link)

image007 is offering Chinese customers special gifts, and discounts reaching as high as 80%.

image009 provides free shipping to Chinese customers. Last year, OKDGG saw a 500% increase in sales volume for November.



Japan’s “Best Shopping Day”

Yahoo! Japan has established a new shopping festival for Japanese customers. This festival will see FamilyMart, SoftBank, and TSUTAYA combine between Nov. 5 to Nov. 11 to offer customers shopping credits at 11 times the normal allocation, in addition to special discounts.



America’s Shopping Season

Cyber Monday, first introduced by back in Nov. 2005 falls on the Monday following the traditional Black Friday. In 2014, sales for Cyber Monday grew from USD 2.29 billion to USD 2.68 billion.


In 2013, 20 merchants grouped together to offer special deals for customers visiting for the Double 11 shopping festival. In 2014, more than 130 merchants joined together to provide great discounts to customers. This year more than 100 merchants are offering special discounts on over 50,000 goods online.  


For foreign customers in China, here’s some tips to get your shopping basket full when China’s Double 11 festivities commence.   


Here’s your check list:


  1. Note the time-zone. Set your clock to GMT+8 Beijing Time. The Double 11 shopping festival will take place from 0:00 – 24:00 on Nov 11, 2015.
  2. Sign up to Alipay and get your credit card/debit card ready and linked up to your account.
  3. Pre-request shipping information from merchants, some goods will not be shipped fee free.
  4. Visit this website , choose what all you would like, add it to your cart and checkout!
  5. Wait for the goodies to arrive 😀 😀 😀 !
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