5 apps Chinese shopaholics are going crazy for prior to Double 11 sales

As Double 11, the Chinese version of Black Friday, approaches on November 11, Chinese shopaholics are busily digging up the best deals and the best products online to get ready for the national shopping carnival.

In 2014, Tmall alone achieved RMB 57.1 billion (USD 9 billion) in sales on the single day of Double 11. But China’s e-commerce playing field is much wider than just Alibaba and JD.com. According to a report by iResearch, China’s e-commerce market is expected to reach the size of RMB 24.2 trillion (USD 3.8 trillion) in 2018.

AllChinaTech listed several trending e-commerce apps in China based on their popularity online as well as their ranking in app stores. Check them out for awesome new products and trendy steals this Double 11!

The Red Book (Little Red Book)
Keywords: imported products, fun items

The Red Book

Screenshots from The Red Book

The Red Book features imported products and direct purchase from overseas portals, saving users the trouble of having to navigate and register on unfamiliar foreign websites. It also has an internal discussion board for product sharing. Just as its Chinese name, Little Red Book, suggests, it’s the ultimate guidebook for people who love stumbling upon unusual finds in the Chinese marketplace.

Stardrobe (Ming Xing Yi Chu)
Keywords: celebrities, icons, it girls

Celebrity Closet

Screenshots from Stardrobe

Stardrobe is a combination of the word star and wardrobe. It can be summed up by its slogan: “everyone can dress like a celebrity”.Stardrobe not only sells fast fashion products that can help you pass for Alexa Chung or Angelababy but also invites online personalities to teach you how to style your finds. It also encourages users to share their outfit with other users to increase the integrity of the community.

Beauty Talk (Meilishuo) 
Keywords: waterfall feed, HIGO, mix & match

Beauty Talk

Screenshots from Beauty Talk

Meilishuo, or Beauty Talk, was one of the earliest e-commerce apps of its kind in China. The app shows you mix & match style guides with direct links to the items. It was also one of the earliest apps to have a waterfall feed, which never ends as long as you want to keep browsing. Needless to say, it’s easy to lose track of time drooling over cute outfits on this app.

Babe (Beibei)
Keywords: Parenting, mothers, kids clothes


Screenshots from Babe

Compared to other e-commerce portals, Beibei has a very specific target group: young parents. This isn’t only an e-commerce app that focuses on parents’ and kids’ products but also a forum for young parents to exchange their parenting experiences.

YOHO! (Youhuo)
Keywords: chic, funky design, character


Screenshots from YOHO!

It’s a cool kids’ party over on YOHO!. YOHO! is extracted from Young Home, which started out as an online forum for youngsters and a fashion magazine featuring unique designs. As more and more readers started to ask the editorial board where they can get the items they see, the founders realized the high demand for chic products and launched this platform for their readers. Now it’s a favorite for savvy shoppers who love funky design.

(Featured image from Baidu Image)

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