China’s first “smart” pillow promises to eliminate snoring

Chinese e-commerce platform has just unveiled a new smart pillow device that claims to cure snoring bedmates. Dapu claims the smart pillow will be able to reduce snoring by as much as 80% over time and is currently crowdfunding the device for RMB 899 on Chinese crowdfunding platform JD Finance – a division of the popular e-commerce website

Dapu set the deadline for its crowdfunding project at December 18th but to date it has already successfully overshot its crowdfunding target of RMB 500,000 having raised RMB 870,000.

Dapu’s smart pillow features an integrated Bluetooth module in addition to a series of sensors which monitor a user’s sleeping position and noise emitted during sleep. Dapu says the pillow is able to adjust a user’s sleeping position by inflating and deflating through an attached pump, and claims these adjustments reduce snore levels over time.

smart pillow

Anti-snore pillows are a category of devices introduced by manufacturers to reduce the effect noise has on sleep quality. Snoring in the medical community is generally understood to be a factor of sleep deprivation with varying levels of deprivation occurring among individuals affected by the phenomenon.

Commonly understood to occur as a factor of an obstructed respiratory system, most snoring-aids seek to rectify this problem by either repositioning the head or maintaining unobstructed airflow through the insertion of a device into a user’s mouth or nose.

Studies estimate that approximately one out of three men or one out of five women snore. Dapu’s smart pillow could be good news for millions of Chinese men and women.



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