Xiaomi introduces a heart-rate sensing Mi Band for the Double 11 shopping day

In preparation for China’s annual Double 11 ‘Singles Day’ celebration, Xiaomi has developed a raft of new products for the market.

Perhaps the most exciting product in the scheduled lineup will be a product refresh of the very popular fitness band the Mi band. Having gained a sizeable audience and coming in at No.3 in the world’s best selling wearables, the Mi Band is back for a feature update, this time promising the all-important feature that was lacking from the original – a heart-rate monitor.

Coming at the same price as the original at 99 RMB (15USD), this is likely to further entrench Xiaomi’s footing in the nascent wearables market, opening up the real possibility of a fully-fledged fitness product, able to compete on many of the same battlefronts as the competition.

Mi Power bank

In round two for another of Xiaomi’s popular accessories, the Mi Power Bank will see an upgrade with the promise of a full 20,000mAh of juice. The success of the previous Mi Power Bank was such that clone products riding on the fame of the original, managed to make the product seemingly ubiquitous, with clone sales even outnumbering the principal product.

To date, Xiaomi has not announced any plans to offer any of its phone products in Western Europe or North America, relying instead on the availability of its popular accessories to establish the brand outside of its core markets. Increasing the pull of the brand through the introduction of power accessories is a way for Xiaomi to avoid the legal entanglements of patent lawsuits while still being able to cultivate an eager fanbase.


(Images: Xiaomi English Forums)

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