ZTE and Huawei gear up for China’s 5G revolution


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In the lead-up to the unveiling of 5G technology in 2020, Chinese technology companies Huawei and ZTE have both announced they will introduce interim 4.5G technology.

ZTE announced last week that it plans to introduce its pre-5G technology to the Chinese and Hong Kong markets starting as early as next year. In the same week, Huawei gave a demonstration of the technology in Hong Kong, with devices seen to be reaching speeds as high as 1 gigabit per second, roughly 5 times the speed of current fourth generation LTE devices.

In October, Huawei successfully had its “LTE Advanced Pro” 4.5G standard recognized by the international industry standards body 3GPP.

The Chinese government is very keen to push ahead with progress in this sector, as both a means of reducing dependency on foreign technology imports and pursuing Li Keqiang’s Internet-plus policy. Restructuring the economy to incorporate more consumer-side demand and a push into high tech necessarily means investing in research and development and moving away from purely the manufacture and assembly of technology and into design and development.

China has taken a successively larger role in the establishment of communications technology standards with its latest TDD-LTE 4G standard seeing wide deployment in regions as diverse as China, the U.S, South East Asia and the Middle East.

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