Deloitte survey: mobile addiction prevalent, 58% of Chinese check their phones twice an hour

The China Edition of Deloitte’s 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Report, which was released on Thursday, claims “mobile addiction” is prevalent.

Out of the 2,000 Chinese mobile users who took the survey, the report found that 58% of consumers check their mobile phones 11-50 times a day. On average, that’s once to twice an hour. Of the surveyed users, 20% even checked their smartphones more than 50 times every day, about three times an hour. Deloitte defines this group of users as heavy smartphone users.

Different age groups have different smartphone viewing habits. It seems the older the mobile users are, the less frequently they check their smartphones. The report says 52% of users between age 18-24 check their smartphones 25 times a day and 47% of users between age 25-34 do the same.

The report also points out that users who are addicted to their smartphones are getting younger and younger. It says the younger generation is not mature enough to have the self-discipline to restrict their smartphone usage. Smartphones have also become a learning tool in schools, which makes it difficult for younger generations to distance themselves from their gadgets.

Many countries have begun to set provisions to limit cell phone usage, according to the report. South Korea issued a series of measures to restrict kids from playing online games after midnight in 2011. Chinese authorities are also looking into how smartphones affect teens.

deloitte global mobile user survey chart

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