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State Council to regulate parcel delivery and package damage with heavy fines

China’s State Council has started publicly soliciting opinions on its new Express Delivery Regulations draft. According to the draft, if staff at a delivery company throw, toss, step on or jeopardize the safety of packages in other ways, they will be fined up to RMB 50,000 (USD 8000).

This rule will be implemented by the postal management department, and offending companies may be required to suspend operation. The acts of receiving, opening, concealing, destroying, reselling or illegally inspecting other people’s packages will also be punished by the relevant authorities.

After introducing real-name verification for deliveries at the beginning of November, this is a further step in China’s efforts to regulate its express delivery industry. China’s express delivery market is the largest in the world, with 14 billion packages delivered in 2014, according to People’s Daily.

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