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The ins and outs of using WeChat payments in-store and in person

Now that you’ve set up WeChat Payments I bet you’re all eager to go buy some stuff, some of you are probably even eager to go about using the thing at street level. This one’s for you.

There are basically three major ways you can go about using WeChat for payments. The first is using the payment system as a payment processor on websites or through apps like Didi Chuxing or, the second is directly person-to-person and the third way is using WeChat as a substitute for bank cards and credit cards, as a way of paying for things in-store.

This tutorial will demonstrate the latter two methods.


In-store first Method

For our first demonstration we visited the prominent chain store pharmacy Watsons. This store, like a lot of the other bigger chain stores (Carrefour, Walmart) employs a system, whereby at the checkout counter, you simply present your WeChat Payment barcode the clerk scans it and WeChat handles the rest.


1. Bring up the Wallet feature in WeChat, select “Quick Pay”


2. If this is your first time using the Quick Pay feature you will asked to confirm your WeChat payment password, after which you will be presented with a personal one-time use barcode.


3. Store clerk scans your password and WeChat handles the rest!


In-store Second Method

For our second demonstration we visited a nameless mom & pop-type convenience store where they kind of had the same procedure but with the roles reversed.


  1. Scour ‘round the counter till you spot this baby











2. Fire up WeChat’s QR code scanner and get a lock-on to scan



3. Input the amount you owe the store

4. No chump change needed, this $2 chocolate bar is now yours!











Don’t ask me what happens if you try to cheat the patron, haven’t tested that yet…


The final scenario is kind of like Paypal directly embedded into the conversation window for WeChat.

1. Bring up a conversation with one of your friends. Hit the + button in the bottom right hand corner, then select transfer.


2. Input the amount you want to send and hit transfer.
You’ll be prompted for your password and then you’re all done son!

There you go folks freedom from the bedroom. Real utility among real people! Wait till you see our rundown on how to use that next-level, previously unattainable to the non-Chinese masses app, you know the one from that other giant of a Chinese tech company, Alipay!

(Feature image credit: kirakirameister)

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