Top 4 hottest topics on China’s social media this week

Toni Tang and Stella Yu

AllChinaTech brings you the four most talked-about topics this week on Weibo, one of China’s largest social media networks.

#4 Chinese Football: blood and tears with no result
(7.4 million views, 36 thousand comments)
China’s national team drew with the Hong Kong football team in a qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup on Tuesday, which has set China back from entering the World Cup. Chinese football fans expressed their disappointment online. One Weibo user commented that the China National Football Association should be blamed. He even posted a photo saying, “blood and tears with no result = Chinese Football.”

#3 Mobile Addiction
(13.5 million views; 4063 comments)
phone addiction
French photographer Antoine Geiger recently created a series of weird photos in which mobiles were turned into Dementors from the Harry Potter series. Mobiles are sucking people’s faces! The release of the photos induced an uneasy feeling among many Chinese mobile addicts, and aroused fierce discussion on Weibo. One user commented, “addicted, sick and  too late to be saved.”

#2 Foodie love!
(110 million views; 846 thousand comments)
Are you a foodie? Yes? Share one photo to prove it! On Weibo, tens of thousands of Weibo users rushed to post foodie pix to express their strong affections for food.

#1 I’m safe in Paris
(130 million views, 210 thousand comments)
After the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, Chinese in Paris have posted messages to Weibo reporting on their own safety. They have posted pictures of themselves, their locations and have offered a few words as prayers for Paris, to comfort their families back home.

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