The 10 most popular apps in China

Toni Tang

Have no idea which apps are trendy in China?

AllChinaTech selects the most widely-used apps based on their number of registered users, which are in the range of tens of millions to hundreds of millions.

Go figure!


10. Momo
Launched in 2011, Momo is the most popular dating app in China. Momo is a location-based app that can help users establish instant interaction with people nearby. As of April, Momo had 37.8 million monthly active users, market research institute Analysys International said.


9. Meitu Xiuxiu
Meitu Xiuxiu’s PC version was firstly launched in 2008. Shortly after, Meitu launched its mobile app. Meitu Xiuxiu is a handy photo-enhancing app for both iOs and Android phones. By June it had 40.7 million monthly active users, according to Analysys.


8. Youku
China’s Youtube, Youku, is the market leader of online video streaming in China. The company launched its mobile app in 2010. It had 103 million monthly active users as of June, Analysys said.

3607. 360 Mobile Security
Launched in 2009 by China’s search engine giant Qihoo, 360 Mobile Security claims to create a secure environment for mobile users. It had 105 million monthly active users by June, Analysys International said.

taobao6. Taobao
The Taobao app launched by Alibaba enables users to do their online shopping through their smartphones. The Taobao app’s number of monthly active users was 149 million as of June.


5. Baidu
Baidu is China’s largest search engine, which completely dominated the market after Google left China. It launched its mobile app in 2006. The Baidu app had 205 million monthly active users by June, Analysys International said.


4. Weibo
Weibo is China’s largest social media platform. It was launched by Sina news portal in 2009. Weibo had 222 million monthly active users by September, according to Sina.


3. Alipay
The first Alipay app was launched in 2009 by Alibaba. Alipay makes mobile e-commerce transactions much more convenient. The Alipay app had 270 million monthly active users by April, according to


2. QQ
First launched in 2003 by Tencent, QQ is also a popular social messaging software in China. It has a lot in common with Wechat, but it has its user base on the PC end. QQ had 425 million monthly active users as of June, according to Analysys International.


1. Wechat
Launched in 2011 by Tencent, Wechat is the most popular social software in China. It’s kind of a combination of WhatsApp and Facebook. Wechat had 650 million monthly active users as of November, according to Tencent.

(Top photo from Baidu)

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