How to never run out of data again using WeChat Wallet

In case you haven’t set up your WeChat wallet yet, you’re going to want to head over to our article here and follow the steps before attempting this next move.

If you’ve been in China even for a short while, you will have noticed that data here is quite expensive. I easily pay double the amount in China for my data plan compared to what I used to pay back home.

In fact, because the price of data is so high here, I have resigned myself to relying on a really small data allowance and WiFi connections to get the bulk of my mobile stuff done.

Problem with this is, running through that paltry data allowance is super easy and those exorbitant fees attached can creep up on you and eat at all your prepaid allowance, leaving you stranded with no 3G.

Ever seen one of these messages?

Well, they’re actually useful. If you follow their advice, there’s a way around eating at your data allowance by buying little bulk booster packs instead of paying the over-the-limit fees that your plan usually charges you. As promised:
1. From the main chat screen select “Me”.
2. Head over to Wallet
3. Select Mobile Top Up
4. Here you can either input your own number or choose to top up somebody else’s plan. When done select “Add Credit”.
5. Here you can choose from a 20 megabyte boost all the way up to 500mb with corresponding prices. Select one to proceed.



6. Choose from whether to draw from your balance or from your card, then enter your password,
7. You’re done!
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