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Pony Ma confirms blocking Uber’s WeChat accounts due to violation of terms (updated)

Uber’s poster said, ” We can explore the world, but we can’t enter Wechat Moment.”

China’s largest social network WeChat announced on Monday afternoon that they have cleared 168 Uber Official Accounts and 136 Didi Chuxing Official Accounts to punish them for taking advantage of the WeChat platform for marketing and have violated certain rules. Wechat said that disputes and problems can be solved through communications.

Earlier, in a response to accusations that Uber Official Accounts were being blocked by WeChat, Pony Ma, Chair of Tencent Holdings, has posted a message to WeChat Moments explaining that WeChat suspended several Uber Official Accounts because of a violation of regulations, China Business News reported on Monday.

“Penalties were levied [against Uber] due to a violation of our marketing rules. Uber tried to go around our regulations. Accordingly, when the scale of WeChat Official Accounts reaches a certain level, companies need to provide ICP permits for national operation; otherwise platforms faces risk of consequences,” Ma posted on his WeChat Moments.

“We are trying to enhance our management for the end of the year. Didi Chuxing would also be punished if they violated the rules. Didi was once sanctioned with limitations on shares because of violating the rules for promotion and coupons,” Ma added.

Uber China staff announced on Friday that their WeChat Official Accounts had been blocked and accused WeChat of blocking the platform due to a conflict of interests. Uber China later published a list of 15 accounts reportedly having been blocked, including accounts representing high performing cities like Chengdu and Guangzhou. The issue has provoked a huge discussion on WeChat’s neutrality as a public platform for the Chinese internet.

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