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Baidu’s driverless car completes first test drive

from Baidu


from Baidu

Baidu, the Chinese internet search engine giant, announced on Thursday that its autonomous car has successfully completed road tests on a route with mixed road conditions in Beijing, according to Baidu’s official announcement.

According to the company, the Baidu autonomous car, a modified BMW 3 Series, completed the tests by executing a set of driving actions, including making left, right, and U-turns, changing lanes, passing other cars, and merging onto and off the highway. The car’s speed peaked at 100 km per hour during the test runs.

from Baidu

The Baidu autonomous car has demonstrated comprehensive, accurate autonomous control under complex road conditions, said Wang Jin, Senior Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of its Autonomous Vehicle Division.

Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning has been working on this project since 2013. Baidu AutoBrain, the core of Baidu’s autonomous driving technology, includes highly automated driving (HAD) maps, positioning, detection, and smart decision-making and control.

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