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New report suggests YunOS to be the third largest mobile operating system in China


Alibaba’s Linux-based operating system YunOS, has received an update bringing the system to YunOS version 5 as of Thursday, reports Chinese tech website

YunOS 5 has received more than 300 updates, including the adding of an object scanning function underpinned by big data technology.

Alibaba first launched YunOS back in 2011. “Yun” in Chinese translates to cloud and as the name would suggest, YunOS is a cloud-centric OS offering many of its applications remotely, in a similar way to Google’s ChromeOS. At present, YunOS has partnered with several smartphone manufacturers including Chinese domestic brands Meizu and Doov, among others.

At the most recent count, YunOS is suggested to account for 7.10% of the smartphone market in China, ranking third place after iOS at 11.00%, and Android topping the list with 81.36%, according to a recent Sino market research survey.

Jiang Peng, President of the OS Division at Alibaba Group says that as of November this year, users of YunOS total over 40 million.

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