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The 10 best photos shot by drone in China for 2015

As drones gain popularity in China, more people are generating great photos with these novel devices. Sohu, one of the biggest news portals in China, has held the first Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photography contest selecting the best photos shot by drone.

AllChinaTech picks ten of the best photos among the collection, presenting to you how drones helped us capture the stunning moments in our lives in 2015.

1. A Grand Celebration at a Hakka Round House

Photographer: Huang Jingliang

This photo captures a grand celebration at a Hakka round house in Guangdong province. The Hakka round house is a traditional Hakka housing construction in Guangdong, where people from the same clan live together to aid in the defense against external enemies. It still symbolizes family and blood ties in the region today.


2. Going Home after the Holidays

Photographer: Fu Ding

This photo shows a grand traffic jam at a toll station at the entrance to Beijing. Several thousand cars were stuck on their way back to Beijing after the national holiday and made the express way look like a parking lot.


3. A Sacred Place on the Plateau

Photographer: Wang Hailin

Taken above the Tibetan Plateau, this photo presents the gorgeous colors of Tibetan worshiping decorations .

4. Eyebrow of the Alashan

Photographer: Chen Jingwen

This shadow cast from a roaming camel crew in the Alashan Desert looks like an eyebrow from a high point, depicting the desert as a quiet maiden.


5. A Bamboo Sea

Photographer: He Huaixiang

From birds eye view, this bamboo forest in Sichuan province in the southwestern part of China becomes a serene sea with breath-taking green tides.

6. Fishing in the Shallow Sea

Photographer: Zheng Ge

When the tide ebbs, fishermen come to the shallow sea area in this photo and capture seafood with specially made tools.

7. Shadows

Photographer: Chen Wenjian

This is a dronie, or drone shot selfie, with the photographer freezing his moment of happiness gathered together at sunset.

8. Camel Crew in the Midst of the Desert

Photographer: Guo Hongxin

Shot in the Dunhuang desert of northwestern China, this photo captures a magnificent moment with the sunshine creating a magical twilight zone.

9. Black Hole

Photographer: Yu Miao

A city in Shandong province with the area in the middle of several express paths, looking like a black hole or the entrance to an unknown world.

10. The Aftermath of the Tianjin Explosion

Photographer: Fu Ding

A month after the Tianjin Explosion in August, chemical materials at the scene created a toxic water pool indicating danger, and the threat we pose to the world we’re living in and to ourselves.

(All photos are from with authorization.)

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