Top 5 virtual reality experiences for under USD 15

For many VR newbies, finding out what one is supposed to do with the bulky contraption that arrived in the mail is a little confusing. With Google Cardboard (or Chinese-style ‘Cardboard-esque’ headsets), it is primarily up to viewers to seek out content, as the headsets themselves are literally just a pair of special lenses housed in either a plastic or cardboard casing.

Lucky for you, on this occasion we’ve done all the legwork for you! AllChinaTech brings to you a set of all-pleasing, basic introductory experiences for cheapish Cardboard-style headsets, wherever you may have bought them.

The Palace of Versailles in Google's 'Tour Guide' app
The Palace of Versailles in Google’s virtual ‘Tour Guide’ sim.

1. The Google Cardboard App

A great start to your VR adventures is the official Google Cardboard app. Contained within the app can be found a fantastic demo – the ‘Welcome Video’, which gives a basic introduction to several of the main kinds of VR experiences that can be had with basic VR headsets in addition to awesome sims like ‘Tour Guide’ and ‘Earth’.

Earth, as seen from space, with the moon and the sun placed accordingly.

2. Titans of Space

The first and most impressive game-like experience for many a VR user, Titans of Space takes you on a trip through our galaxy in a spaceship, giving you a 360 degree view of many of our planets and stars.

My old neighborhood as seen by Google
My old neighborhood as seen by Google.

3. Google Street View

Take Google’s Street View to the next level and wrap it around your eye balls. Visit famous locations throughout the world through the gaze of Google’s small army of roaming 360-degree camera cars. Feeling homesick? Dial up your old neighbourhood and take a stroll through memory lane.

Chris Milk’s ‘Evolution of Verse’ VR experience inside the Vrse app.

4. The Vrse app

When the New York Times delivered a million Google Cardboard viewers to its subscribers earlier this year, it did so with a view in mind to turning its subscribers on to its high budget collaborations with famed VR producer Chris Milk. The Vrse app has collected several of these wonderfully immersive, free VR simulations for your viewing pleasure. Within the app can be found the New York Times VR documentary “The Displaced” and “Evolution of Verse”, both Chris Milk gems.

Vintage 'Tom and Jerry' as seen through a drive cinema placed in the jungle.
Vintage ‘Tom and Jerry’ as seen through a drive-through cinema placed in the jungle.

5. Fully legit home theater without the theater part!

Watch films with the same level of immersion you would typically experience embedded deep within a plush, darkened cinema theater. Simply remain at home, whack on a VR headset and you’ll be transported to a theater of your choosing with a variety of cinema simulation apps to choose from.

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