Top 4 hottest topics on Chinese social media this week

Yang Lai

AllChinaTech brings you the four most talked-about topics this week on Weibo, one of China’s largest social media networks.


4. Change your ugly ID photos
(2.96 million pageviews, 2,991 comments)

Everyone hates their ID photo. But for a long time in China, there was no way for people to change their photo on their official IDs. Last week, the Shaanxi provincial government released new rules allowing people to take another photo if they are not satisfied. Many Weibo users are endorsing the new rule and are calling for other provinces to do the same.


3. CES 2016
(14.6 million pageviews, 10,000 comments)

CES 2016 kicked off last week in Las Vegas. It is estimated that there were over 160,000 attendees, including 1300 companies from Greater China. Nearly 30,000 new products were launched. The hottest new products to come out were autonomous cars, smart home products and wearable gadgets.


2. China’s circuit breaker mechanism
(32.5 million pageviews, 11,000 comments)

Trading on the first day of 2016 closed earlier than expected in China, as a 7% slump triggered the circuit breaker mechanism to suspend the stock market. The circuit breaker was tripped twice this week and suspended on Thursday after having none of its intended effect. Weibo users found a much more suitable name for the mechanism: the Financial Unusual Ceasing Kit, or F**K for short.


1. Help Beijing inhale smog
(54.2 million pageviews, 108, 000 comments)

A video clip of Chongqing-based teen pop stars Tfboys, a Chinese boyband, went viral online. After landing in Beijing, Roy, one of the three boys, was told not to open the car windows by the band’s assistant. He responded seriously, “what do you mean? We should help inhale some of the smog for our Beijing brothers and sisters.”

(All photos from Baidu Images; the number of pageviews and comments was counted on Sunday)


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