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VR cloud platform Leke closes Series A+ financing round at USD 4 million

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Beijing-based VR cloud platform Leke VR told AllChinaTech that it just completed RMB 25 million (USD 3.8 million) in Series A+ funding led by Palm Landscape and Ourpalm, followed by Hejun Capital.

Founded in March 2015, the company has received four rounds of financing in the span of one year, from seed investment to Series A+ financing. On Monday, the company released its VR theme park solutions at a theme park exhibition in Beijing.

“Our investors’ eyes are on the VR sector, and they are attracted to our strategy of developing VR theme parks. So far we have 1000 stores,” said Eddie Zhang, spokesperson for Leke VR. “Our primary challenge includes developing movable chairs. Now we need to focus on exploring larger projects.”

In general, the platform provides a set of solutions, including device support, technical support and content support, to those who aspire to run VR stores. It offers VR devices, including VR helmets, handheld controllers and treadmills for VR stores. It will integrate a variety of VR devices with its self-developed operating system VRLe. It distributes original content and content developed by others to its users.

In addition to the 1000 VR stores around China, the platform is planning to build larger VR experience halls and VR theme parks, according to Leke’s official website.

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It’s been reported that Leke has cooperated with HTC and is planning to launch new VR commercial solutions based on HTC Vive. The platform also cooperated with other VR foreign theme parks, introducing the parks to China. It has established several subsidiaries to take charge of theme park construction and game optimization.

“We want to engage more VR makers as partners such as 3glasses and HTC instead of running into direct competition,” Zhang said.

The company’s investors have become partners with Leke VR and share a similar vision. Palm Landscape, a listed landscape enterprise that put their core strategy on the concept of eco-towns, wants to apply VR technology to eco-town construction. As a game company, Ourpalm targets the huge potential of VR in the entertainment industry. Hejun Capital had previously invested in Leke’s angel and Series A round, and has provided funding for almost ten VR companies by now.

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