Momo World Sleep Day report: these jobs make you night owls!

On Friday, Nasdaq-listed Chinese tinder-like dating app Momo published a report on the occupations, locations, genders, and ages of night owls. Founded in March 2011, Momo claims to have over 80 million registered users as of November 2015.

Public relations, media and gaming are the top three fields where people are deprived of sleep. Regardless of the demanding nature of these professions, nighttime for many is great time for inspiration on the one hand, and for many, only hours late into the evening are available for stress relief.

Photo edited from Momo's report
Picture edited from Momo’s report

Momo found that night owls are mostly southerners. Hainan tops the ranks, with 57.1% of Momo users being awake from 12am to 3am, whereas Shandong has the fewest late sleepers. One reason is that it gets dark in northern China earlier than it does in the south: while southerners enjoy the bustling of various night markets, northerners would rather be cozy in bed during the freezing winter.

Over 50% of males burn the midnight oil while less than 40% of females do so. Momo says that men, as the breadwinners of their families, are more stressed out. Besides, most sporting events are in the evening. But women appreciate their beauty sleep!

In terms of age, the post-90s and post-60s generations sleep rather late. While the former are pressured to work hard, the latter feel pressured to not fall behind. Yet the biggest night owls are the post-00s generation, as 45.7% of them are wide awake from 12am to 3am. Why? Well, smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets are not to blame, for it is their users who decide to sleep late.

Picture edited from Momo's report
Picture edited from Momo’s report

Night owls, pay attention please! For the sake of your health, at least sleep early tonight, on World Sleep Day!

(Top photo from Pixabay)

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