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Smart wearable device maker bong returns with bong 2s

Hangzhou-based smart wearable device maker bong told AllChinaTech they are returning to the fitness band market with their new product, bong 2s. Xiaomi’s Mi Bands currently dominate the Chinese market.

bong 2s was released on December 1 and has been on sale since March 8. Due to the fact that Xiaomi launched Mi Band 1s on November 11, some have questioned whether bong 2s was unveiled in December simply to compete with Xiaomi.

An upgraded version of bong 2, bong 2s has a heart rate monitor that can automatically detect your heart rate when resting and doing sports. It uses this data to generate a professional report recommending health solutions for the user.

“The function of the heart rate monitor and our fully automatic algorithm solutions are our edge in the market,” said Ye Wei, head of public relations for bong. “Equipped with these features, the data reports we provide will be even more precise than other similar products.”

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bong 2s’ other features include a sleep monitoring system that detects the quality of your sleep and tells the amount of time you spend in deep sleep and shallow sleep. It can also record your sports data and let you know steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. It is also waterproof and reminds you of calls or messages with vibration.

bong 2s is priced at RMB 129 and is on sale on China’s leading e-commerce platforms including Tmall and

bong’s top competitors in the wristband market are Xiaomi’s Mi Bands which are priced at less than RMB 100. Xiaomi was ranked as the third most popular fitness band globally, according to a Q4 global wearable market report by research company IDC. Most Chinese wearable device makers including bong, have been greatly impacted by Xiaomi’s low price strategy.

In 2014, Xiaomi released its first wearable device, Mi Band 1, which was priced at RMB 79. A wave of cheap fitness bands at a similar price followed Mi Band 1. bong was forced to revise its product pricing for bong 2.

“We also see big market potential in ordinary consumers who are willing to purchase a fitness band worth around RMB 100,” said Ye.

She added that bong has established a quality control system that monitors the manufacturing process, and has built a good supply chain across China.

Without giving specific details, Ye also told AllChinaTech that bong is planning to list in China’s stock market.

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