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Alibaba and LeEco announce strategic cooperation

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and tech giant LeEco announced a strategic cooperation agreement on Tuesday. They will cooperate in marketing, community operations and content operations.

“Today LeEco has achieved cooperation with Alibaba. Ten billion RMB’s worth of LeEco products including Super TVs and phones will be sold on Tmall in 2016,” LeEco’s CEO Jia Yueting wrote on Sina Weibo on Tuesday.

LeEco‘s CEO Jia Yueting Sina Weibo.

According to Jia, LeEco and Tmall, Alibaba’s online retail platform, have plans to sell RMB 2.5 billion to 3.5 billion worth of Le Super TVs, RMB 4.5 billion to 5.5 billion worth of Le Super phones, and RMB 500 million to one billion of other smart hardware products in 2016.

Content is another part of their cooperation. According to Yin Jing, the president of, Tmall’s digital home appliance platform, told Tencent Tech that LeEco has rich content resources, and the two companies can join hands in community operations and content operations.

“In 2016, e-commerce is more about content operation than product operation,” said Yin.

The two companies’ offline sales points will be linked, said the Tencent report. Alibaba currently has 14,000 Taobao Nongcun sales points across the country and LeEco has 4,200 LePar sales points, adding to each party’s offline channels.

Part of the cooperation will be in logistics. LeEco will be able to use Alibaba’s logistics network Cainiao, and the two companies will share each other’s online and offline inventories. Their ordering and payment systems will also be unified.

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