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Live video education site gets funded by 2 US-listed companies

Live streaming education website Empower Education Online (EEO) announced on Sunday that it has received a strategic investment from two US-listed education companies, ATA and TAL Education Group.

ATA invested RMB 32.5 million, but the amount from TAL has not been disclosed.

Small class sizes will be the next hotspot in the online education scene, and education streaming platforms can meet this trend, Song Junbo, the founder of EEO, told Jiemodiu, an online platform focused on education.

“We hope to work with EEO to promote our brand in the online education industry,” said Ma Xiaofeng, the CEO of ATA.

Founded in 2014 in Beijing, EEO aims to provide live streaming solutions to improve learning experience and upgrade education institutions.

In 2015, it launched its streaming platform ClassIn based on self-developed technology. This product claims to provide a better interactive experience to help students and teachers communicate better.

Some notable players stand out in China’s live video education sector, including Beijing-based Xuersi Education, Beijing-based and and Shanghai-based

ATA is a company based in China, which started as a computer-based testing service provider, and later expanded into providing career-oriented educational services and test preparation solutions. TAL is a leading provider of advanced testing technologies and testing-related services in China.

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