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E-commerce giant to begin using robots and drones drone delivery CEO Richard Liu revealed in a conference that JD, China’s second largest e-commerce platform, will start using warehouse robots and drones.

“ is focusing on three things: e-commerce, finance and advanced technologies,” said Liu. “But technology is at the core of the development of e-commerce and finance.”

Liu said that JD has also established a new project team for upgrading new services. The team is now exploring ways to complete the commercial application of smart robots and drones and build a one-stop management system, Tencent News reported on Wednesday.

Drone services for delivering goods will be used to solve the high logistics costs in China’s vast rural areas. The e-commerce market in China’s rural areas is highly fragmented, which presents a major obstacle to its development in these regions.

Liu also disclosed that is planning to build fully-automated distribution centers run by smart industrial robots.

China’s largest e-commerce platform, Tmall, installed Geek+ smart robots at its Tianjin distribution center in late March. Smart technology is clearly becoming a preference for e-commerce platforms in China.

(Image credit: Baidu)

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