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Xiaomi to launch a live streaming app

Leading Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is planning to launch its own live streaming app. Apparently, Xiaomi also wants a slice of the live streaming market in China.

Xiaomi told AllChinaTech on Friday that they have been testing the app, and suggested AllChinaTech use “MiLive” as its interim name. When the app will be launched has yet to be confirmed.

MiLive is being developed by Xiaomi’s video telephone team and its MiTalk instant messaging app team. It is an extension of MiTalk that Xiaomi has been developing since 2015.

MiLive users can take videos with their smartphones and share them with others simultaneously through a live stream. It is reported that users can also store their videos on the cloud, and others will be able to watch them afterwards.

Xiaomi’s move in China’s mobile live streaming market is preceded by other live streaming products available in the country including PandaTV, LanjTV and Ingkee.

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