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AliHealth to launch a new services plan for senior citizens

AliHealth, Alibaba’s medical industry arm, announced on Tuesday in Beijing that it will launch a “parents care plan”, aiming to provide smart chronic disease management services for elderly chronic-disease-affected people.

The plan is starting out as a blood glucose management service. When elderly diabetes-affected users use a smart glucose meter that is bought from AliHealth’s partners to test their blood glucose levels, the testing results will be synchronized on the AliHealth app. The app will make a regular health analysis report according to the testing results and give some suggestions on monitoring and management.

The elderly users’ families and doctors can also view the results as long as their AliHealth accounts are connected.

Wang Han, general manager of AliHealth’s family doctor unit, explained that the reason that they launched the plan is because of the aging issue in Chinese society. According to China’s National Commission on Aging, the aging problem will get more serious from 2015 to 2035, and the proportion of the elderly will account for 28% of the total population by 2035. The elderly are the main group of people affected by chronic diseases.

“Our plan aims to manage and monitor the chronic diseases of elderly parents by involving their children in the process,” Wang said at a press conference.

Apart from the blood glucose management service, the plan will cover more services including hypertension, ECG, maternal and child healthcare and remote consultations in the future.

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