Oculus co-founder talks future of VR

The co-founder of Oculus VR Jack McCauley talked about his views on the development and future of virtual reality on Wednesday at the Cheetah Mobile Connect Conference.

“Great bandwidth is required to have a great VR experience,” said McCauley. “But the content right now is a little bit too short, and a little overwhelming.”

He pointed out that hardware is a priority for VR and that at present, VR content development calls for high capital costs. Although VR movies are still waiting for higher resolution displays and VR games a wider range of play, tetherless experiences with mobile hardware will be achieved eventually.

Oculus is among the biggest VR makers in the world. It has shipped 200,000 Oculus Rift devices so far. A VR industry report conducted by Deutsche Bank forecasted that by the end of this year, sales of Oculus and HTC Vice will surpass one million.

McCauley said that VR has been made possible thanks to high-resolution smartphone display technology, retina display technology, low semiconductor processes, smaller pixels, and more advanced sensors. He predicts that VR content will be massively adopted in five years, or possibly sooner.

McCauley also mentioned that despite Apple’s recent sales decrease, the company is undoubtedly capable of surprising everyone should it get into the VR field as well. “They can kill it if they want it,” he said.

(Top photo from Google Images, taken by Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)

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