“The flying bomb”: Xiaomi drone’s new nickname

Leading smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled its first drone on Wednesday, gathering over 1.1 million viewers to its live-streamed video launch. A trial flight was then launched, streaming online. At one point, the drone seemed to crash, in spite of the various safety capabilities that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun had just been introducing over the live stream.

So here’s the story: Xiaomi staffer Yang Lin live-streamed the trial flight of the Xiaomi drone. The video stream was cut abruptly, after what seemed like a sudden and rapid fall of the drone. In the video, a swear word is clearly audible, followed by “Cut it quick!”

Though the live show continued, netizens doubted that it was shot by the same drone, which was believed to have crashed. As a response, Yang explained on his Sina Weibo that the what seemed to be a crash was actually an auto landing due to a battery that wasn’t fully charged.

Apparently his explanation failed to persuade everyone. The following is a sample of the mockery dished out from some Sina Weibo users:

“Why would you cut the live broadcast if it was an auto landing? What about the Xiaomi drone’s “homeward journey under low-power condition” capability that Lei Jun was bragging about just a second before?”

“If it was an auto landing, then it landed so fast that I’d want a helmet ready in case it’s right above me.”

“This incident taught us another lesson: Do not get glued to your smartphone while walking! Look up! There might be a Xiaomi drone and God knows when it’ll attack you!

“Our unreliable source has it that Lei Jun, now that his Xiaomi drones may not sell well, is working to adapt them into Xiaomi bombers and export them to conflict zones in the Middle East. Xiaomi could become a promising ammunitions giant!”

But other users commented that the crash hypothesis lacks solid supporting evidence.

In any case, Xiaomi drones’ many functions and considerably cheap price may still be attractive to customers.

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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