5 productivity hacks for successful people

Sam Makad

Weary of multitasking? Still cannot find enough time at work to complete the day’s tasks?

If the answer is yes, do not despair. Most people reach a point where they find the task of managing work efficiently to be daunting.

The emails, the client meetings, the intra-departmental issues, the fatigue; it all takes its toll.

To make matters worse, at the end of the day, the mind is more comparable to a zombie than an entrepreneur.

But, no need to panic. With a few productivity hacks, the burden work can be eased and by avoiding getting bogged down with tasks.

Successful people do not do anything magical to enhance productivity, but they have different approaches to work related issues. If you adopt a few tried and tested methods used by such people, your efficiency at workplace is likely to improve.

Distancing yourself

A lot of people end up wasting precious time at the workplace simply because they fail to distance themselves from colleagues.

On days with a typical workload, there is nothing wrong in chatting a little with co-workers or taking a few coffee breaks.

However, on days with loads of work and tight deadlines, it is best to put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ board on the outside of the office (or desk) at work. Also, it is okay to tell the colleagues to stay away until the task is done or the problem is an emergency.

Eliminating technological distractions

Technology is the double-edged sword of modern life — even more so at the office. People often do not realize how many minutes they spend every day checking the phone or tablet.

Some people also find it addictive to use Google Hangout and Facebook to chat with coworkers during office hours.

They fail to realize how they are killing productive time in the process. It is important to buckle down, restrict or stop using those online services, put the pen to the paper and get to work.

If possible, stay away from browsing the Internet or put the smartphone in silent mode during very busy periods. This will help save a lot of time and complete assignment and chores within office hours.

Use the correct tools

Like I said, technology is a double-edged sword.

So, while eliminating technological distraction at work is a necessity, it does not make sense to avoid the weapons at our disposal. There are plenty of apps and software that can help boost productivity at the workplace.

Many of the apps and software can be used for free and paid versions are worth the extra chunk of change thanks to the additional features.

Tools like Evernote, Google Drive, Stay Focused and Jive help enhance your workflow significantly. Using tools like Skyward ERP can automate regular tasks, which can prove to be helpful.


No matter how much high (or low) the salary, or how many people are in the organization, every employee needs to find some time and relax. Why else would business tycoons buy their private jets and islands?

Most of us are not that wealthy, but that does not mean life needs to be a constant hustle. Find a way to relax, it is important.

Importantly, it is essential to discard work-related thoughts. If you prefer gardening or a weekend vacations, switch off the work phone. Invite friends to a favorite restaurant or check out the occasionally blockbuster movie — these settings naturally force attention away from the office into the current surroundings.

Social networking

In an era when most people prefer their smartphones and laptops over communicating with real people, developing a social network makes a huge difference.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have large social networks and seem to know everybody.

While a lot of them have professional acquaintances in those networks, there are friends as well.

This not only helps business leaders interact on a deeper level, but both parties may even find ways to boost career prospects. Such friends can also be useful when it is time to vent about work-related or other stressful moments in life.

What else you can do

Apart from the list above, subtle changes in workflow can enhance workplace efficiency.

For example, do not try and take on hardcore multitasking at the workplace. When a number of tasks are pending, learn to prioritize and take on every challenge one at a time rather than handling them all at once.

This tends to be more effective for stress management.

Take these tips and when those stress wrinkles and eyebags start to disappear; smile because the life hacks worked.

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Sam Makad is Journalist and marketing consultant at Skyward Techno, Inc. that provides customised CRM and ERP software for the small and medium businesses.

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