8 best remarketing tools for startups

By the Young Entrepreneur Council

Question: What is your favorite remarketing tool and why?

Don’t just put marketing material online and hope it reaches your target audience. Use these tools.


“Adroll partners with companies such as Facebook and Google for advertising, and it’s particularly well-suited for geo-targeting and customer segmentation. It comes with an easy to understand analytics interface as well.”

– Andrew Schrage (@moneycrashers), Money Crashers Personal Finance

Facebook email remarketing

“Facebook enables you to upload your existing email list and will match your emails to user accounts. Since your email list contains your best customers, you’re able to extend offers and enjoy a high advertising ROI by remarketing to this group.”

– Brett Farmiloe (@BrettFarmiloe), Markitors


“Hubspot has a lot of great functionality as it combines your email marketing, your content management, your social media and your sales CRM in one interface. The great part is that you no longer need five or six tools for all of your marketing initiatives, as you only have to use Hubspot and it integrates all the tools together.”

– Randy Rayess (@RandyRayess), VenturePact

Smarter HQ

“This software presents a new way of thinking about the customer journey. Smarter HQ was built by a founder with decades of experience in online sales. It does so much more than simply remarket. By using all available data, Smarter HQ is able to create highly customised experiences and reengage prospects in a way that maximises sales and lifetime value. I love it.”

– Matt Hunckler (@hunckler), Verge

Analysing online behaviour

“My favourite remarketing tool is not actually a remarketing tool — it’s customer and web data. Anyone can run ads. But for competitive advantage, analyse customer attributes and online behaviours to predict high probabilities for sales. Creating segments out of these lets you target with just the right offer at scale. You’ll never stop finding interesting segments to create highly effective campaigns.”

– David Booth (@davidabooth), Cardinal Path

LinkedIn Groups

“Our company manages and takes part in many LinkedIn Groups, some with hundreds of thousands of members. To remarket our top content and reiterate our message, we make sure that we are active within these groups. We send out announcements and make connections with other professionals so that our marketing comes more naturally through meaningful relationships and word of mouth.”

– Miles Jennings (@milesj), Recruiter.com

Vertical Mass

“Hands down, Vertical Mass is the best tool that any musician or public figure can use in regards to gathering data on their fan base. What’s even better — you can use the same technology for remarketing purposes if you choose to do so. This platform has given my clients a true, quantifiable way to show that data about their consumers is extremely valuable.”

– Cassie Petrey (@cassiepetrey), Crowd Surf

Google Ad Words

“Google Ad Words is our favourite remarketing tool that is underutilised. Many companies go out and try other tools before they explore what is right under their fingertips. Try it out and see how effective it is.”

– Joe Apfelbaum (@joeapfelbaum), Ajax Union

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