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Think before you post! China’s Internet watchdog strengthens online commenting regulation

The Cyberspace Administration of China held a conference on Tuesday on the regulation of online comments.

According to a statement from its official website, any information that they deem to be illegal and harmful in the comments of posts on the Internet will be removed. The authorities will strengthen their monitoring of web content, aiming to promote “healthy comment habits.”

Ren Xianliang, Vice-Minister of the adminstraion stressed the accountability of individual websites. He said that online media should take their own social responsibility in the management of information security, and make the Internet benefitial for users.

Chinese media have made immediate response.

Chinese news website said the management of posting comments is an important legal measure in cyber space, and that they aim to be better supervisers of content.

Chinese tech giant Tencent said they will perfect the management of posted comments and improve the “quality” of the comment platform.

Chinese leading portal NetEase said they will see cyber space “purification” as their top priority and devote themselves to the “standardization” of their operation.

According to the report by the China Internet Network Information Center in January 2016, the internet population of China has reached 688 million.

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