Pokemon Go: Chinese players really want to catch ‘em all!

The Pokemon Go frenzy spreads quickly worldwide. It only took the mobile game 14 hours to top the revenue charts, according to app tracking firm Sensor Tower.

Its developer Nintendo is the big winner. The phenomena has pushed the company’s stock price more than 70% at the highest point, BBC reported.

Yahoo Finance

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Pokemon Go has even helped many users to overcome their social media addiction: Sensor Tower said that American users spend more time on the game more than the hours that they spent on Facebook or Twitter daily.


(photo from http://www.sensortower.com/blog/)

This game, now gone viral, is currently available in eight countries, mostly in Europe, but also in Australia and the US.

Chinese game fans are no exception to this frenzy, despite the fact that the game has not even entered China yet.

Users from China’s largest social media Sina Weibo expressed their desire to play the game:  

There are two reasons why we can’t play the game in China yet. One is that you can’t play it without the Google system; the other is that the Chinese positioning system is different from the international one, which will result in an offset between 100m to 600m on the map.

                                                                                             –Shushu Shi haoren

Seriously, is the game interesting ? A group of zombie-like people roaming the streets with their phones…The hype is just too exaggerated.                                                                                                               


You won’t believe me, Mr. Policeman. But I was only after a Muk when I slipped into the Ladies.

                                                                                                         –Li Xiaojian

So this is a fitness app for nerds/neckbeards.


Ibo Fung contributed to the story

(Top photo from Baidu Images)


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