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Sony to release its USD 450 PlayStation VR in China in October

Sony’s upcoming VR headset PlayStation VR (PSVR) will be available for preorder in China on Thursday, Sina Tech reported. The device is priced at RMB 2,999 (USD 450), and Chinese VR gamers will also see the PSVR arriving on shelves this October.

PSVR for Sony’s PS4 console was first publicized in North America this March, pre-orders for the headset were priced at USD 399. Sony announced in June that it ship the headset on October 13th. And now the Chinese market is included in its destinations.

Sony is doing more than shipping a VR headset to China. Three major measures are being taken to help Sony’s game business, according to deputy president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Hiroyuki Oda. These measures are: making customized games for Chinese players cooperating with Chinese gaming platforms, and helping Chinese game developers develop games.

In addition, Sony announced it would introduce the game Final Fantasy XV to China in simplified Chinese language, with a VR version available.

According to analysis by Deutsche Bank, Sony PlayStation VR is expected to have 2.5 million users by the end of 2016.

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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