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From bikini to cute maid dresses, ChinaJoy showgirls let down netizens

ChinaJoy, Asia’s largest digital entertainment expo, kicked off on Thursday. Each year the event attracts gamers, anime fans, cosplayers and hot showgirl fans.

Earlier this month, the regulator issued a stricter dress code on the basis of previous crackdown that ordered showgirls to not reveal “more than two centimeters of cleavage.”

Abiding by the tightened grip over dress code, some ChinaJoy showgirls this year put themselves into cute maid dresses and bunny ears, in line with the “kawaii” cosplay aesthetic from Japan.

China’s Weibo users joked that the appearance of the showgirls lacked variation.

“Three girls, really? They look almost the same”

— Hecate

“Keep your chin up, otherwise it would puncture you in the neck artery teasing her long face with a pointy chin).”

— Zhang Xiaojun

“I’m disappointed in the show girls. I look hotter than many of them.”

— Wu Xixi

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