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Bedroom betrayals and corporate chicanery: a Chinese filmstar shows you how to protect your property

Chinese media have been relentlessly reporting on the divorce of film star Wang Baoqiang, whose story shows entrepreneurs how to protect their property properly in face of a “life drama”.

On Sunday, Wang posted on his personal Weibo, disclosing the fact that his wife Ma Rong had cheated on him with his agent, Song Zhe.

“From the first day of our marriage, I’ve been absolutely loyal and tolerant. However, by no means can I bear the betrayal that has shattered our family. The affair has ruined my marriage and family, and I therefore ask to divorce Ma and fire Song as my agent.”

Always playing roles of empty-headed characters that are easily cheated by others, Wang experienced a similar drama. Yet in real life Wang turned out to be quite smart, and extremely patient: before announcing the divorce, he had bided his time, knowing of his wife’s betrayal for months but not immediately acting, allowing himself time to make sure that his wife could not leave from the divorce with too much money.

Wang and Ma (Picture posted by Ma on her Weibo page)

According to Tencent Tech, Ma Rong used to be the executive chairman and shareholder of Baoyirong Media, a company that was registered in 2010 with RMB 20 million (USD three million). However, Wang wiped Ma’s name from Baoyirong by making Ma the legal representative of Lekaihua, a company registered with only RMB 3.2 million. Baoyirong is a major shareholder of Lekaihua, and is owned by Wang and a company that was registered only this March.

In other words, Wang found out about the affair, he bore with his role as a cuckold, set up a company in March to kick Ma out of the more valuable company, and asked for a divorce.

Wang’s roles in films (Picture edited from Baidu Images)

Although Wang has played roles that are somewhat dumb and stupid to make people laugh, he did act smart in face of a divorce – maybe smarter than Wang Wei, founder of video-sharing website Tudou, whose divorce was believed to have impaired the IPO of Tudou in 2010.

If Wang Wei knew that well and made arrangements before rushing into divorce, Tudou might not have been acquired by Youku, who didn’t miss its chance for an IPO, in 2012.

Well, it is a lesson for all: “Honey, business is business.”

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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