Simple yet effective tips to boost your e-commerce sales

By Michael Thomas

There are millions of e-commerce stores available online. Every single one of them wants to stay in the market, but the stiff competition can be deadly for those who don’t watch out.

How do you sustain your business in such hardcore and competitive environment? Are you struggling to increase the number of sales of your online store?

Overcome it with these few tips and tricks that are simple yet effective:

Simplistic website designs

No one wants to read through a badly designed website. The best ecommerce website solution is to design your website in a simple way. People try to avoid things that are confusing and that take up more time to get into their head.

You can use bullets to showcase whatever you want to say. Even these bullets must contain simple words and should be written as crisply as possible.

Try to place the product or service description just by the side of the image. Put the description, especially the special features and advantages in bullets.

It is more convenient for people to see and read simultaneously this way, and they can easily relate to your product since it’s featured on a hassle-free website.

M-commerce is the new e-commerce

A recent study has unravelled that 26 per cent of all e-commerce sales have been made by mobile devices. People are so attached to their phone that they find it pretty much convenient to shop through it as well.

This is a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon. Hence, you should start creating a mobile app for your online store.

If you are running an online store then a mobile compatible version of the store must be available. You don’t want to give up almost one-third of the online crowd. This number will increase remarkably in the coming days thanks to your store’s mobile app.

Expand your social media presence

Social media advertisement is an extreme generator of potential customers. It is even effective to catch up with your old ones who might have forgotten about you.

Maintaining your social media presence is one of the must-dos to increase your sales. Facebook Exchange is a programme that you must also follow.

It saves up the cookies when a customer has visited your website or added something to their cart. To follow up, Facebook will pop-up advertisements, reminding them to follow up on their order.

This is an additional facility available along with the basic Facebook ads.

Even Twitter and Instagram should be used to reach out to more customers.

People will instantly recognise you and draw up your company’s logo in their mind easily if they saw you on social media.

Occasional discount coupons

Providing discount coupons to your existing customers on their anniversaries and birthdays is a personalised approach to buy their loyalty.

This is an e-commerce website solution that every online store should follow. These are automatically generated and sent to your customers so you don’t have to worry about additional manpower investment. This is a customer service that is advertisement in disguise.

The success of a business cannot be predefined, yet you can make sure that yours is in a growing mode by understanding your customers. It is important to relate to your target customer and know what they want. Likewise, improvise your e-commerce store.

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