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Spoof of Apple’s iPhone 7 release done by Chinese internet users

The launch of the iPhone 7 in San Francisco on Wednesday brought a carnival-like atmosphere to Apple fans in the United States, as it did to fans watching remotely from China. Millions of Chinese internet users tuned in to watch live, despite the fact that it started on 1 a.m. on the 8th of September, Beijing time.

However, Chinese internet users have actively contributed more into the event, producing their own spoof version the iphone 7 release. See the photos here:

Good morning! Thank you for joining us!


Last month I visited China and noticed that young couples there wouldn’t have got married if they didn’t use iPhones.


So I made a big decision.


China is among the first 28 countries where iPhone 7 can be ordered.


How to differentiate iPhone 7 from iPhone 6s?


We added 2B (a Chinese slang for idiot) colors – Jet Black and Black.


When I was having hotpot in China, my phone fell into the pot.


That’s why the iPhone 7 is water-resistant.


We also removed the headphone jack. Because there are rampant Apple headphone copycats.


So we designed AirPods, which you won’t find elsewhere.


Hang on. T**bao, an e-commerce platform already has it.


That will be all. See you all next year!

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