Trump or Clinton? Chinese netizens pick their winner

The first US presidential debate on Monday kicked off in New York, with an atmosphere of excited anticipation in the town. Fortune reported that Hillary Clinton won.

The debate has drawn 620 million page views and 218,000 comments on China’s largest social network Weibo.

On another leading social media, Zhihu – China’s Quora-like Q&A website – users were skeptical, posting their comments on the debate. As of March 2015, Zhihu had attracted 17 million registered users. AllChinaTech handpicked some sharp ones among the 8, 249 users who joined debates on Zhihu on the subject.

“Trump today tried to abide by rules, just like a logical person should do. But later he found himself in a losing position because the moderator is biased. Then he adjusted his pace, although by then it was a bit too late. ”

— Hermite Bai

“Clinton won the debate. But Trump was better. For the candidates, the purpose of the debate is to gain the swing voters who did not vote for Clinton or Trump. Why? Because neither of them are satisfying – Clinton is a proud and phony politician, and Trump is a naive and radical billionaire. The key to the battle is to rebuild their public image, and make the voters see more character in them. ”

— Jiu Yu

“Her empty political slogans are typical of Clinton. But her logic was clear. In comparison, Trump’s debate was not.”

— Bing Dengxing

“Trump won. Although he was in a defensive position in the debate, the voters knew that Trump has mature solutions to their problems.”

— Beishan Ruilong

(Top photo from the screenshot of NBC)

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