A few tips to win the startup marathon

By Shahid Mansuri

There are plenty of youngsters who are stepping into the startup game. A considerable number of startups have given solutions to basic human problems and managed to make it easier for people to carry out daily activities.

There are plenty of founders who have either bootstrapped their startups or found investors to invest in their startup ideas and bring them to life; for instance, Goldstar, Litmus, and Github.

It is not an easy task to grow your startup idea at a rapid rate and to make it look highly authentic to end users and investors. There are plenty of considerations that you need to take before launching your idea. Due to intense competition, every player faces obstacles that challenge their ability to overcome them.

Here are few tips to win the startup marathon:

Use figures to convey your idea

It becomes important to explain to the investors about how you are going to generate profit out of your idea, and how they will they benefit from it. Figures and numbers show how deeply you have researched the problem and how frantic you are to offer the solution for the same in the form of your startup.

Build a flowchart of steps you need to take to start strategically

It is not advisable to pitch your idea without having a detailed flowchart of steps you are planning to take in the entire process of developing your idea. It is ideal to elaborate your strategies beforehand, including your marketing strategy and risk management plans, during the idea pitching process, as this leaves a good impression on investors.

Channelize your resources into doing things, not just in planning things

One of the major considerations you should have is to avoid spending a lot of time on planning. The moment you finalize the startup idea, you should go on with it. A great example to show that it really helps in growing your startup at a rapid rate is of Clare Sutcliffe, CEO at Code Club. Wasting a lot of time on planning reflects how unsure you are about the process of launching your startup.


Being consistent is surely one of the major considerations you need to keep in mind while actively running your startup. The team needs to be consistent enough in terms of website content management, customer interaction, and other important attributes. It retains the interest of customers for a long time span. The main idea is to interact with them on a regular basis on online as well as offline platforms, in order to attain the desired customer loyalty.

Speeding up your startup

Competition in the global startup scene is so intense that as a startup founder you cannot afford to go slow in the process of growing your startup idea into a full-fledged business. You need to nurture your team’s capability to speed up your startup. However, it is advisable to spend your resources effectively and smartly while picking up the pace of growth in your startup.


It is really important to develop your idea on the basis of analysis of relevant figures and numbers, be consistent, speed up your startup, channelize your resources properly in the right direction, and have a detailed flowchart to commence your startup activities strategically. These factors not only help in adapting to changes and overcoming plenty of obstacles that hindergrowth, but they also enable you to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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