Is the Galaxy Note 7 safe in China? 70% are skeptical, survey says

A Chinese internet user in the southwestern Chinese city of Beihai claimed on Wednesday that his Galaxy Note 7 was smoking, according to The Beijing News. This is the sixth reported incident of its kind in China.

Launched on August 19, around one month before the release of the iPhone 7, the Note 7 is the latest high-end Samsung flagship smartphone; it is regarded as a major competitor of the iPhone 7. The Korean tech giant added multiple cutting-edge technologies in the Note 7, including a curved display, water resistance, and an iris scanner.

But the Note 7 soon revealed some problems. The case of the phone catching fire made Samsung launch a mass recall of Galaxy Note 7s for battery safety reasons, commencing on September 20 in America. But the company did not recall the products in China, saying that the Note 7s sold in China used a different battery, a so called non-defective battery, and are therefore safe.

As many as 70% of consumers say that they would not buy a Samsung phone, and more than half of consumers have an “unfriendly” attitude towards Samsung, according to a survey of 20,000 smartphone users, published on September 20 by Penguin Intelligence, an internet industry analysis group under Tencent Tech.

Users’ willingness to buy Samsung phones (edited photo taken from Tencent Tech)
Users’ willingness to buy Samsung phones (edited photo taken from Tencent Tech)

On China’s Twitter-like website Weibo, users posted sarcastic comments about the Note 7. AllChinaTech picked out some of the best:

“Dear passengers, welcome to the Guangzhou Subway. Please don’t carry inflammable, explosive, or toxic items, or a Galaxy Note 7. ”

— Qingle

“I’ll buy a box of Note 7s during Spring Festival, just like firecrackers.”

— Guozi

“The Note 7 case is like a serial TV drama, one explosion per day. ”

—Shenjing Mingan Bingren

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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