LeEco’s JiaYueting announces the company’s formal entry to the U.S. via Weibo

Jia Yueting, founder and CEO of tech giant LeEco, posted on Tuesday his “YT’s letter to the U.S. users” on Weibo. He announced an event entitled “Ignite the Eco World”, which is scheduled for Wednesday at 10am in San Francisco.

“That day will mark a major milestone in the U.S., because LeEco will do something that has never been done before,” wrote Jia.

Jia boasted that the event would bring “three revolutions to the world”, in “internet, [IP] content, and consumer electronics”. He particularly emphasized the field of internet IP content – something that Jia believes no other company could do at the same level.

According to the letter, LeEco has purchased a property of about 49 acres from Yahoo in Santa Clara, California. Currently having a team of 500 in the U.S., LeEco will build an “EcoCity” capable of housing 12,000 employees to welcome talent from around the world.

Up until now, LeEco has set up offices in India and Russia; over the past year, LeEco has built its North American headquarters in San Jose, with other offices in Santa Monica and San Diego, California, and in Bellevue, Washington.

Founded in 2004, streaming video site LeTV.com now claims that it has the largest catalog of original and copyrighted content in China, with one billion users and 30 million daily users. In addition, the company’s video cloud platform, LeCloud covers over 60 countries, according to company data.

LeEco has set foot in businesses including internet and cloud computing, music and video content, smart TV, smartphones, sports, and automobiles. Jia seems to be sure that these seemingly unrelated areas work in synergy; as to when these dots will be connected to paint a clearer whole picture, we will have to wait and see.

(Top photo by Ibo Fung)

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