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Where’s the glowing logo? Chinese netizens shocked at the new MacBook Pro

There has been much chatter from Chinese netizens after Apple launched its new MacBook Pro on Friday.

Aside from the changes in CPU and GPU, the “Touch Bar” is the most remarkable new feature in the new MacBook Pro. It provides a versatile new way to interact with and control the computer. There is a Touch ID button on the right of the Touch Bar to unlock the laptop, power it on and off, and make secure online payments.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop. Screenshot from

The new MacBook Pros are lighter than previous versions. The 13-inch version is about 1.3 kg, and the 15-inch version is about 1.8 kg. The touch tablet of the new MacBook Pro is twice as large as the older versions in size.

Traditional USB ports are replaced with four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on the new laptops: You will need Apple’s USB-C to USB adapters if you want to connect your iPhone to a new laptop.

You will not find the traditional “Esc” key in the top left corner of the new laptops’ keyboard – it has been integrated into the Touch Bar. This might take time to get used to.

Since there is no power button on the new MacBook Pros, when you open it, you start it up. The keyboard of the new laptops is something like that of a MacBook.

Thunderbolt 3 ports on the new MacBook Pro. Screenshot from

Also, there are no lights for the Apple logo on the back of the laptops.

AllChinaTech has translated some Chinese netizens’ comments on the new MacBook Pros, made over China’s prominent social network, Weibo.

“How am I supposed to show off with a MacBook in the Starbucks if its logo will no longer be glowing?”

–ZH Junlin

Apple logo “glowing” no longer on new MacBook Pros. Screenshot from

“I just ordered an old version (of the MacBook Pro). Remove anything (but the traditional USB ports). I lose my desire to buy after seeing the four USB-C ports. It makes me sick, like I’ve eaten flies, when I think of the adapters that I will have to bring along with this damn thing.”


“Can I not start it up while opening it? I just want to open it.”

–Doujiang Xiansheng

“I really admire the big changes Apple has made on the ports. You will need so many adapters just to connect different devices. There is already a big fortune to be made by simply selling these adapters.”


“What an upgrade! Price-wise, I mean.”


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