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Remember Paul the octopus? China’s Monkey King predicts the US election

Red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) howling, captive, digitally modified

With the US presidential election around the corner on November 8, a Chinese monkey has predicted the next US president.

The monkey’s name, “Monkey King”, is a reference to the Monkey King character in the classic work of Chinese literature, Journey to the West. The monkey is reminiscent of Paul, the German octopus whose feeding habits predicted a long series of matches in the 2014 FIFA world cup.

The monkey prepares to choose the next US president. Photo from Sina.

The monkey, living in the southern Chinese city of Changsha, predicted on Thursday that Donald Trump will be the the next president, according to a popular post on Chinese media, Sina.

Local workers put the monkey between the photos of Trump and Clinton, and give the monkey a cardboard with Chinese characters meaning “elected”. After a while, the monkey walked to Trump’s photo and kissed it.

It is put between Trump and Clinton. Photo from Sina.
The monkey kisses Trump. Photo from Sina.

The monkey had apparently proven its predictive abilities during the European 2016 Final.

The monkey on July 9 local time chose Portugal over France. The monkey was put between two bunches of bananas which were on the flags of Portugal and France. The monkey, in a bright yellow T-shirt, with the Chinese characters meaning “king of prophets” on it, picked the bunch of bananas on the Portuguese flag and ate them, according to Chinese new portal NetEase.

If the monkey is so accurate, will this piss off American Democrats?

(Top photo from Baidu Images)

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