Building a project in a startup is like building a ship (in pictures)

Startup life is universal. Here’s how a project manager gets things done in China:

Customers demand: “We need a boat to cross the river.” 

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The product manager: “This is the solution we‘re offering”.

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The chief architect drew up the blueprints for a solution.

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The senior R&D manager broke down the blueprint and made plans.

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The IT department predicts that the project will take at least one and a half years.

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The boss: “Efficiency is everything! I’ll give you one month to launch it online, and you can update it later.”

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The R&D team redesigned the plan and started coding immediately.

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The test team initiated premier testing at once.

070825-N-0066L-001 CORONADO, Calif. (Aug. 25, 2007) - Sailors row their makeshift boat, "The Three Ninjas," to victory during the 3rd annual Bayside Boat Bash. The Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) sponsored event required three-man teams to build a boat from scratch and race against other teams to win free sailing lessons. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class George Labidou (RELEASED)
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Then integration testing followed, progress developed in leaps and bounds.

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The product went online.

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Marketing: “Our project has successfully launched, and it is at the pinnacle of technological disruption! Look at our amazing innovation!”

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