How to build your own Prefab house with USD 60,000 in 40 days

You may have considered owning or building a big house one day after you retire. I would really like that too. So, how will you build your dream house?

In order to build a house, we have to spend a lot of time and energy. We will need to own suitable land in a good location, and then recruit a construction team to build the house structure, and then have an interior design team to make it beautiful.

Building a house this way will always take more than a year, and it is really expensive. How can we continue to use this current way to build houses in this era? We do not have time and energy, and these two things are scarce!

Meanwhile, I have some thoughts about building a house due to my work. As the traditional way of house building will not work perfectly in this day and age, the new method of “ prefab house” will gradually become a trend.

What is a prefab house?

“Prefab” or prefabricated house refers to a building method in which different components and units of a house are built in a factory. The completed components are then transported to your location, and it will be assembled from the base to form your house. To put it simply, a prefab house can be divided into various parts, and you can buy different components of your house just as buying clothes for yourself. Then, you can put them together to build your own unique prefab house.

prefab house
Prefab house

The merits of a prefab house are as follows:

  1. Time and cost efficient: To build one of these prefab houses in China will cost you about 40 days and RMB 400,000. It is quicker and cheaper than the traditional way of house construction. This can save you time, energy and money as all of this can be done by one professional team. The only thing you need to do on your own is find a team to construct groundsill for you.
  2. Environmentally friendly: There have been talks for a long time to protect the environment, but how? Prefab houses use various technologies to save resources and discharge lesser waste material. The system includes some features such as water and gas cycling.
  3. New technologies included: You can use your mobile phone to control your house. From your mobile phone, you can switch on the air conditioner before you come back home, or close the windows if you see that it is going to rain. Various units such as the refrigerator, lamp, television and air conditioner can be linked to your mobile phone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All these features will be included in your house and on your mobile phone.

Embrace the industry 4.0 era

We have said this for a long time and we are wondering how this will influence our life. Will this new type of products help with living better? And how will the new industrial era improve our living conditions?

In the last few years, we often heard of 3D printing. It is true that this new technology is truly novel and interesting. But the problem is that not so many people would like to design a cup or some other things by themselves, and then make it at home using a printer. It is better for them to buy it at a 7-11 convenience store. Though the price for this product has dropped a bit, not many people can truly benefit from this new technology.

A new product should offer benefit for most people. A product like an iPhone where it benefits users all over the world, and not just confined to a small group of experts to use. Such products will represent the present industry 4.0 era. 3D printing have not and may never come to this as it is not widely demanded by the general public.

Can industry 4.0 really contribute to our daily life? Maybe the prefab house can.

In China, the process of urbanization just exceeded 50% with most people living in their own houses. If there is a new technology in the industry 4.0 revolution, then it should be the prefab house as China will be the largest marketplace for this new product.

How to customize your own prefab house

Knowing the merits of a prefab house, you may ask if this means we can only choose fixed model housing? For now, there are more than 10 models available. More and more models will be added continually.

Prefab houses have different prefabricated units such as the bedroom and stairs. All these parts can be customized as you wish. You can think of this as using many different blocks to build your own house. We could only imagine this in the past as how we have seen it in some animation movies, and it has only become a reality now.

So, how do you exactly buy a prefab house like this?

First of all, you should prepare your land and make sure it is available for building your house.

Next, you should look for a website online that shows you the different types of prefab houses that the company can make for you.

Then, choose a model you prefer according to the simple graph and the price as these two factors may be the most important requirements for you to make a decision.

After you have decided to buy one, you will need to pay the deposit, like about RMB 1,000 or so.

Once payment is received, an employee will arrange to call you for some details. For instance, the orientation of your house, which colors you would prefer for different components, or if you need some advanced features to be embeded in the house. All these types of details should be discussed and confirmed.

Then, the designer will make a drawing including the foundation and the house. After confirming, you can recruit your local construction team to make the groundsill for you according to the approved design. Arranging a team to construct the groundsill will be additional cost, and it is always more expensive than finding a local team. Meanwhile, your house is being produced at this time. The processing times of constructing groundsill and building the house components are almost the same.

A factory where the prefab components are made
A factory where the prefab components are made

So, once the various parts of your prefab house have been transported to your location, professional workers will complete the final part of your purchase by lifting and hoisting.

Transporting the prefab house components
Transporting the prefab house components
Hoisting the components of the house
Hoisting the components of the house

This process will take about 40 days, and then you can bring your luggage and move in!

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Kaikai Shi

Kaikai Shi writes for us. He holds a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at Zhejiang University. His interests are in new technology and reading. Kai believes that new technology will change the world we live in, and is trying to engage himself in this process.

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