Comper at CES 2017: Smart gadgets made for new moms

Sometimes, it is difficult for women to predict the dates of their most fertile periods for conceiving. This is what Comper Healthcare hopes to change with its smart medical devices. Using technology in line with professional medical standards, its products measure the subtlest changes in body temperature. This data is then used to predict the dates of their ovulations, ultimately helping women get pregnant more easily.

Comper is one of AllChinaTech’s “20 Must-know Startups in China”, and participated in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the second consecutive year.

Last year, Comper brought its fetal monitor and fertility tracker to the electronics exhibition and received good product reviews from international media outlets such as Wired and the Wall Street Journal. However, it is still in the early stages of penetrating the American market.

“As a startup, that was really an encouragement,” said Du Han, founder and CEO of Comper, talking about the product reviews.

comper ces 2017
A Comper employee introducing the Comper Smart Scale to a visitor at CES 2017

For CES 2017, the company increased its product line to four, with its infrared thermometer and smart scale joining the two existing products at this year’s exhibition.

More competition and more informed customers

Since its first electronic show, Comper products have received certification from both the US and China, and Comper has begun actively implementing its marketing strategies overseas.

Comper’s fetal monitor has already started selling in China via ecommerce marketplaces Tmall and Du said that the sales there have strengthened their confidence of future success.

Du also added that Comper is happy to see more competitors in the field as it indicates that the market is more mature, and that consumers are more informed when deciding which products they should buy. Increased competition and refined consumer demands will help high quality products stand out.

The smart medical device maker

In comparison to its competitors, Comper differentiates itself as a smart medical device maker for women and children ages five and below.

“Professionally, there are three ways to measure the temperature – orally, at the area beneath the armpit, or rectally,” explains Carmen Zhang, Comper’s senior PR manager. “Only the data from these three ways are accurate and usable in the medical field.”

For Comper’s fertility tracker, oral temperature – specifically the basal body temperature (BBT) – is used as a measurement to help women predict their ovulation cycles, with temperature readings accurate to two decimal places.

comper fertility tracker
Comper Smart Fertility Tracker

As for Comper’s doppler fetal monitor, it is an ultrasound device and it is a more modern way to monitor a fetal heartbeat. These monitors are widely used in hospitals for pregnancy checkups. The only reason why many people doubt ultrasound, said Zhang, is because they worry that ultrasound would cause harm to the baby.

comper fetal monitor
Comper Smart Doppler Fetal Monitor

However, Zhang said that for medical devices, Comper needs to get the certifications from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States before they are licensed to sell in these markets. If their products pass these certifications, it means the product is very safe and will not cause any harm, even if the products are used for a long period of time.

So far, Comper has obtained CFDA licences to sell its products in China, and is on track to receive licences from the FDA in the United States and the European Union CE certification very soon.

Goals to accomplish this year

One of Comper’s goals this year is to develop more smart devices and add them to its product line. In addition, Comper intends to extend its product line by developing products for children’s healthcare, though it will continue to focus on women’s healthcare products. With regards to the expansion into the children’s healthcare market, Du said that the decision maker will still be the mother, so ultimately Comper will still be marketing these products to women.

This is a branded content article written in collaboration with Comper.

(All photos provided by Comper)

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