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20 must-know startups in China: Secoo (Video)

In case you missed it, China has topped the list of the world’s largest luxury goods markets. It’s not a rare scene in large Chinese cities to see fashionable Chinese women carrying Louis Vuitton or Gucci bags, on the street, on public transport, or even in a supermarket. In all, Chinese consumers account for a whopping 31% of global luxury sales.

China’s expanding consumer class and booming e-commerce scene has given rise to many luxury goods platforms. Among them is Secoo, China’s largest one-stop luxury lifestyle products and services platform.

Director of international business: Tao Guangquan

Company: Secoo

Founded in: 2008

Headquarters: Beijing

Latest financing: USD 100 million

Registered users: 15 million

Here’s a video interview with Tao Guangquan:

Viewers from China please click here.

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(Top photo provided by Secoo)

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