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Campaign results: 20 must-know startups in video

20 must know startups

AllChinaTech in February launched a video storytelling project and online campaign to bring awareness of the rise of Chinese startups in the hottest tech sectors, including the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, and smart devices. The project includes in-depth feature stories, as well as insightful video interviews of the startup founders’ passions and the motivations that drove them to set up their business.

Campaign highlights

Based on outreach data collected on the campaign from AllChinaTech’s social media accounts, thousands of people from Asia, the United States and Europe were reached through Facebook and Twitter. The most successful videos and articles were driven by retweets and shares by readers.

Individuals that shared our content on social media include casual readers and professionals in the global tech industry. These people range from entry level employees to management level staff from tech companies, as well as tech journalists.

AllChinaTech’s Facebook promotion video of our campaign featured startup founders, including those of Talkingdata, Onehome, and Juesheng. As of Feb 10, 2017, the post garnered about 52,000 likes or shares, and total impressions reached more than 150,000 readers.

Viewers from China please click here.

Different genres of stories did well on different social media platforms. It may be due to the fact that the different social media platforms attract people from different age groups and/or professions.

The 20 must-know startup videos that did well on Twitter include Tujia, TalkingData, FiresVR, Goluk, Light&Digital, and Comper. Total impressions garnered by each video range from hundreds to thousands of views. These startups come from sectors such as home rental platforms, virtual reality, a third-party data service platform, and a dashcam manufacturer.

On the other hand, AllChinaTech’s Facebook crowd seem to prefer videos like UMU, Juesheng, Amy Robotics, Muniao and Goluk. Total impressions on Facebook are lower, with hundreds of views. These startups come from sectors such as education service providers, smart robot manufacturers, home rental platforms, and a dashcam manufacturer.

As for feature stories posted on AllChinaTech’s Medium account, the stories that garnered the most reads include Light&Digital, Deepoon, Mioji, Goluk and QYER. Four of the feature stories were recommended on Medium’s daily digest – Juesheng, Secoo, MOGU and QYER.

Singapore-based tech media e27 republished the feature stories of MXCHIP, TalkingData and Goluk on their website. Minnesota based China Insight also republished the feature stories of Amy Robotics in their Monthly publication.

(Top photo from AllChinaTech’s campaign video)

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